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How to sell cosmetics in India

December 22, 2017 No comments
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International brands that want to sell cosmetics in India need to have their products tested by the regulatory bodies in India

This requires an application to be made along with samples of products

The application is made to the appropriate authorities who will consider the contents of the products and also test the same in their laboratories

Once an approval is received, the importer of record needs to present the certificates along with the shipping documents for clearing India customs

Any changes in future product formulations will need additional approvals

To sell your cosmetics in India a brand has two options

  1. Get all the certifications and import products as per certification. Such products can be sold using ecommerce and physical distribution
  1. Set up a cross border eCommerce site where the consumer buys from overseas and the product is purchased from overseas and delivered to India as an overseas purchase. This is how several consumers make purchases from overseas. The consumer is the importer and will need to respond to any customs request

As a responsible brand, the best way for you to sell your cosmetics in India is by getting approvals. Once you have your approvals and have your products imported into India through an importer of record you can then setup a brand online store and also sell on online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart ,Paytm and others with proper brand trade mark certificates and India product certifications

ND Commerce is a leading Brand Online Store Operator that works with Brands on India Entry using eCommerce. We can assist you by being the Importer of Record , getting regulatory compliance, warehousing your cosmetics in India and selling on your brand online store and online marketplaces.

To sell your cosmetics brands online in India you can use the services of ND Commerce. Visit www.ndcommerce.in or write to mukund@ndcommerce.in

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