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ND Commerce Launches Cross Border eCommerce to enable Indian Brands to sell in Singapore

January 19, 2018 No comments
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ND Commerce, a leading branded online ecommerce company has launched its cross border ecommerce service for Indian Brands to sell their products in Singapore

This has been made possible by the tie up of an Importer of Record and Seller of Record in Singapore as well as a full logistics and ecommerce fulfillment capability in partnership with WhiteBox Singapore

Through this arrangement , Indian Brands can export their products to Singapore and work with ND Commerce as the Importer of Record and Seller of Record on various online marketplaces. Some marketplaces may also allow the international brand to list products directly though need an importer and local logistics point for supply and product returns. This too can be done through the infrastructure set up for ND Commerce Cross Border eCommerce

With a growing interest in Indian products and a vast Indian Diaspora in countries like Singapore and ASEAN, this cross bordereCommerce capability represents an opportunity for Indian Brands to start selling their products to consumers overseas, while being fully compliant with the tax regulations and import guidelines in countries like Singapore

Speaking on the occasion of the launch of this service, Mr Ajay Miglani, one of the Co-Founders of ND Commerce and himself an Overseas Citizen of India commented “Happy to announce this service that will enable Indian Brands and SMEs to expand overseas using internet and eCommerce as a channel of sales. In addition to Singapore , we also have plans to roll out the Cross Border eCommerce Capability for Indian Brands to sell their products on online marketplaces in USA, China and UAE”

To know more about ND Commerce please visit www.ndcommerce.in or write to mukund@ndcommerce.in

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