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Post-budget 2018 Reaction Mr. Mukund Malagi, Co-founder, ND commerce

May 25, 2018 No comments
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The government has sent a lot of positive signals for all things digital. The big headline seems to be the government’s announcement of setting up 5 Lakh Wi-Fi hotspots that may connect  5 crore rural customers into the digital world that can drive a whole new base of customers for online retailing. The direct and indirect benefit in terms of employment generation, choice of services & monetisation of skills & resources are immense, if built and adopted in the right way.

Additionally, two distinct benefits seem likely from the budget announcements.

Mr. Mukund Malagi, Co-founder, ND commerce

Mr. Mukund Malagi, Co-founder, ND commerce

Reduction of tax from 30% to 25% for companies’ upto 250 crore will benefit the retailing companies a great deal. A lot of start up Ecommerce companies and service providers in its ecosystem should benefit from this announcement. Savings from this should give some headroom to companies to adopt newer channels of sales, invest in technology for serving their customers, automate processes.
Secondly, the continued focus and commitment of the government in building rural economy and cashless economy helps both, the demand side and supply side of Ecommerce and retailing.
Overall the basic tenets of Ecommerce and online practices are transferable to the governments focus industries like healthcare, education, infrastructure, rural etc to improve efficiency, build transparency and speed. The government now needs to create a conducive environment for companies to come forward to make the most of it.

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Byron Bond Ties up with ND Commerce In India

January 29, 2018 No comments
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Byron Bond, a premium Men & Women range of watches announced today it is expanding its global reach by entering India through a strategic partnership with leading ecommerce provider ND Commerce ( The partnership combines the power of Byron Bond style & class of watches with ND Commerce e-channel retailing expertise. ND Commerce will enable the global brand with the suite of ecommerce services like local payment methods, customer support services, online marketplace integration, supply chain& digital marketing for sale of products in India.

“We are committed to expanding and growing our brand geographically and target the growing affluent base which is fashion conscious in emerging market like India. We had successfully conducted our test market in India and now entering the Indian market via a strategic tie with ND Commerce which focuses on all online retailing channels,” said Rickard Jardemar, Founder CEO of Byron Bond.

“As a brand, we are very unique in the way we sell, probably one of the first brands to embrace influencer driven customer acquisition. Our strategy is to straddle all e-channels like the brand store (selling through and through popular marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytmetc and we found the right partner in ND Commerce who have a wealth of experience in multi channel e-retailing and their understanding of cross border ecommerce” added Jardemar.

“In partnership with ND Commerce, we can now cater to the growing aspirations& style conscious Indian consumers to buy the brand  by creating a best in class online experience for the shopper”, further added Jardemar.

“Ecommerce is evolving at a rapid pace in India and the new opportunity lies in foreign brands who want to be part of the action here with the rising consumer apetite&aspiration for style, class & high quality products” said Mukund Malagi, Co-Founder of ND Commerce. “We are very excited to be working with Byron Bond to deliver a high-performance ecommerce solution to the market and accelerate our clients’ online expansion plans “, added Malagi. “As part of the multi-channel e-strategy, we will be rolling out the brand webstore business and keep adding online marketplaces to it, an online-only retailing strategy. With our new focus on Cross Border ecommerce, ND Commerce group company will be the importer on record and ND Commerce will be the local seller is an ideal solution fit for any brand that wants to address in the in-bound cross border customers.” said Malagi.

About Byron Bond

Byron Bond was a legendary cricket player and a true gentleman who was a boarding school friend of Jemma’s grandfather, co-founder of Byron Bond. He had impeccable manners and an inherent sense of style. Byron Bond left a lasting impression that has helped create a brand synonymous with understated British elegance.

Inspired by the man himself, founders Jemma and Rickard set out to create the distinguished watch brand, Byron Bond© that encapsulates a very British spirit. A watch that is a twenty first century interpretation of a classic, and one which people from the far reaches of the globe, can enjoy wearing as much as we do.

We ensure quality through every process of the manufacturing of our watches. From our design studio, through to the handmade, skilled assembly of each of our watches, our products offer long-lasting comfort and durability. We promise not to disappoint.

About ND Commerce

ND Commerce is a leading brand e-channel specialist company in India. As a pioneer in this channel, ND Commerce has been building and operating branded online stores for both global enterprises as well as leading local brands for more than five years. ND Commerce offers brand webstore retailing, marketplace retailing, omni channel retailing & cross border retailing enabling companies to leverage the growing branded ecommerce channel in India and target consumers directly through the web, mobile and phone.

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ND Commerce Launches Cross Border eCommerce to enable Indian Brands to sell in Singapore

January 19, 2018 No comments
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ND Commerce, a leading branded online ecommerce company has launched its cross border ecommerce service for Indian Brands to sell their products in Singapore

This has been made possible by the tie up of an Importer of Record and Seller of Record in Singapore as well as a full logistics and ecommerce fulfillment capability in partnership with WhiteBox Singapore

Through this arrangement , Indian Brands can export their products to Singapore and work with ND Commerce as the Importer of Record and Seller of Record on various online marketplaces. Some marketplaces may also allow the international brand to list products directly though need an importer and local logistics point for supply and product returns. This too can be done through the infrastructure set up for ND Commerce Cross Border eCommerce

With a growing interest in Indian products and a vast Indian Diaspora in countries like Singapore and ASEAN, this cross bordereCommerce capability represents an opportunity for Indian Brands to start selling their products to consumers overseas, while being fully compliant with the tax regulations and import guidelines in countries like Singapore

Speaking on the occasion of the launch of this service, Mr Ajay Miglani, one of the Co-Founders of ND Commerce and himself an Overseas Citizen of India commented “Happy to announce this service that will enable Indian Brands and SMEs to expand overseas using internet and eCommerce as a channel of sales. In addition to Singapore , we also have plans to roll out the Cross Border eCommerce Capability for Indian Brands to sell their products on online marketplaces in USA, China and UAE”

To know more about ND Commerce please visit or write to

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